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Dose Estimation Formula

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Try using the below formula to estimate the potency of creations, but remember to always test smaller amounts for your first batch: 

THC PERCENT (usually 10-18%) X AMOUNT OF CANNABIS in MG (1 Gram = 1000 MG) =MG of THC per batch.

Divide the batch by servings and that's your approximate MG/serving.

For instance, if your cannabis has 10% THC, 15,000 milligrams (or 15 grams) of dried flower would have 1,500 mg of THC. If you divided the batch into 150 servings, you would have 10 mg servings (150=1,500/10). If you wanted 20 mg servings, you would divide the batch into 75 servings (75=1,500/20).

You can also use the calculator on the link below to find out how much cannabis to use in your next infusion, or to estimate how much THC is in each serving of the edibles you’ve already made. Just click the link:


Helpful Conversions

10 mg = standard dose 1 Ounce = 28 grams

1 gram = 1000 mg 1 Cup = 16 tablespoons

1 Cup = 2 stick of butter 

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