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How To Get Dense Cloud

Writer: admin Time:2023-02-24 15:36:42 Browse:1945℃

Please load grounded herb as more as you can into the chamber and press it a little with the tool in the packing box, and then turn on the device to start heating. Please wait 8-10 seconds to start the first inhaling when it reaches the selected temperature and then inhale it every 8-10 seconds.

Actually, people need THC and CBD which make them high or to achieve the role of medical treatment, in fact, the more THC and CBD will be released at the lower temps like 356 °F . However, most of people don't like the lower temps because it could not produce enough cloud. Our suggestion is that you can turn on device and vape at lowest temps for 2-3 mins , inhale every 8-10 seconds , then change the temps to the third level for another 2-3 mins, and then change it to 4th or fifth level ....

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